Area 51: The CIA’s Secret Files

A short flight from Las Vegas, deep in the Nevada desert lies Area 51 the CIA’s secret. It is a giant clandestine base that remained unacknowledged and disavowed by the United States government for almost 60 years but in August 2013 the CIA finally admitted that this place is real.

In this National Geographic special we see Richard Co, a former United States Air Force pilot head straight for it, he provides legal tours of the perimeter of Area 51, some of the most heavily restricted airspace on Earth. We see how he is tracked by the facility and gain a better understanding for the sheer scale of the base itself.

So what’s in Area 51? And what are Area 51 secrets? Let’s examine the CIA files.

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  1. The only reason we even know if Area 51 s existence is because of a certain scientist employed by Area 51 by the name of Bob Lazaar ! Once he realized his life might be in serious shit because he invited a couple of his friends out to a designated location given by Lazaar at a certain time out to S4 to show off these alien saulcers being tested which his buddies definitely got to witness them flying yet Lazaar screwed up on some extreme levels here by doing that because now if he doesn’t go public all the way with the whole S4 secrecy he might get assassinated therefore going public with that info saved his life ! Had he just Kept it to himself then things wouldn’t have gotten so insanely stressful to the poor Chap ?

  2. Germans and Tesla

  3. too bad aliens and UFO’s weren’t true. I love these kind of doc’s, however!