Area 51 and the Hidden Secrets of Groom Lake

This is the story of a journey along the frontier of what is real and what is imagined, at its heart is the secret defense establishment of the richest nation on earth. The American military base Groom Lake or better known as Area 51 is a place questioned by many, but one thing is for sure, some of the most advanced military technologies are being developed and tested here. Many of Americas black programs are being carried out here and this film Jane’s Defense Weekly editor, Nick Cook tries to examine some of the odd goings on found in the Nevada Desert.


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  1. Bit of a surprisingly good quality level on this one. Jane’s has a reputation to uphold I suppose. And sorry, have to say it, but the lack of the sound effects that Yanks inevitably had of used, or even worse, ‘deployed’ helps to dramatically reduce the nausea-factor of watching a doco about things that are intended to kill people. Which if the Yanks are the involved is what is often the case.

  2. I have seen the metallic silent ones they are referring to, flying very low as described. No flashing lights though. And again, don’t think it was aliens. Some military craft likely. If you haven’t grown up there, you really can’t comment one way or the other.

  3. I don’t believe there are UFOs they have hidden there or such, but if anyone is naive enough to think they don’t have tons of expensive, advanced secret technology, then they need to wake up. What in the heck do people think they take all our money and spend it on? They keep closing schools, and cutting services. Healthcare is the worst and most expensive in the developed world. It’s a right mess, and yet Americans pay a TON of taxes. Taxes that are going where? As they have no real public services? Get a clue. I live in the UK now, but having grown up in Northern California, in the forests and such, have seen some pretty strange things. Not aliens, but strange things. As have many other people. It’s pretty remote up there, with lots of open space and no customs, and there is lots of secret military stuff going on.

  4. I’d like to thank the people commenting on this film to make
    my decision easy about viewing it.

    I guess I’ll skip this one.

  5. “If an airforce officer is showing me this [footage], what on earth are they doing behind closed doors?”

    Answer: Spending their time making silly footage that isn’t actually doing anything.

  6. This is such nonsense. I almost think that the government hires these crackpots just to put people off the real – and rather more banal – trail.

  7. this is either an old documentary or it is aimed at people who have an insular, well-programmed existence