Argentina’s Economic Collapse


fter many years of apathy in the country, the insurrection exploded. The spontaneous revolt of “faceless” people meant saucepans were being banged in every neighborhood, all the way to the city’s vital centers. What happened to Argentina? How was it possible that in so rich a country so many people were hungry? The country had been ransacked by a new form of aggression, committed in time of peace and in a democracy. A daily and silent violence that caused greater social disruption, more emigration and death than the terrorism of the dictatorship and the Falkland Islands war.

Ever since independence, almost 200 years ago, Argentina’s foreign debt has been a source of impoverishment and corruption and the biggest scandals. Since the first loan negotiated by Rivadavia in 1824 with the British Bank Baring Brothers, the debt was used to enrich Argentinean financiers, to control the finances and empty the country of its wealth. This foreign debt always went hand in hand with big business, and with the complicity of nearly every government, from Miter and Quintana to Menem and De la Rua. The policy of indebtedness gave rise in Argentina to generations of technocrats and bureaucrats, who favored banks and international corporations over their own country. Educated at Harvard, Chicago, Oxford or Buenos Aires, their portraits hang in the official galleries.

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  1. Corruption of Multinational companies and Politicians is an inevitable outcome of the human in positions of power within the place of control over so much money. BECAUSE, humans are SINFUL and a absolute manifestation from that is GREED and/or CORRUPTION.

    The results< as you can see, well you just did.
    Father, i pray that you would bring the knoledge of salvation to these people in high places
    by the sacrifice of your son JESUS CHRIST for " You so loved the world, that you gave your only begotten son< that whoever beleives in him shall not perish, but have eternal life. " John 3:16

  2. I am delighted to see your Argentina’s Economic Collapse video


  3. if you were looking for the black book of international businesses in politics and multinational corporation , you have the complete trickery compress in 60 minutes.

    And then you ask in Europe or the USA why you have illegal immigrants , each act have its consecuences.
    these corrupt treaties between first world and third are completely legal , so guess what , expect more of them and its consecuences in the future.

    Beside the irony , Great doc thanks for posting
    The voice in off is Pino Solanas , one of the fewest honest politicians in the country.