The Aristocrats: The Rothschilds

It’s not every family that hollywood makes an oscar nominated movie about, nor one that so successfully cements the Rothschilds reputation as the most famous family in the world. They are enormously wealthy and enormously private which in turn fuels the endless speculation regarding the real extent of their power.

In two centuries the family has funded war and peace, financed an entire continent and founded a nation. They have given their name to a bank, a butterfly, a wine and a kangaroo and yet for all their wealth, power and influence there is one class they believe they do not belong to, the aristocrats. They do not view themselves to be part of this tradition because of their Jewish heritage, considering themselves to be outsiders and as such Hollywood has also made clear that the Rothschilds have never been afraid to stand apart.


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  1. One simple reason the Rothschild became unbelievably wealthy ! Can anyone answer what that is ? When you invent something like the BANKING System especially the same one that is being utilized to this moment then I suppose extremely rich is the right answer