Atheism: Jonathan Miller’s Brief History of Disbelief: Shadows of Doubt

In this BBC documentary film about Atheism, Jonathan Miller visits the absent Twin Towers to consider the religious implications of the 9/11 terror attacs and meets Arthur Miller and the philosopher Colin McGinn. He searches for evidence of the first ‘unbelievers’ in Ancient Greece and examines some of the modern theories around why people have always tended to believe in mythology and magic. So few representatives of atheism provide a compelling and earnest account for unbelief, let alone with the lucidity and intellectual vigor of Jonathan Miller. He is sincere and moving in this attempt to explain and understand the origins of the truth of disbelief of religious superstition and faith. This documentary is dedicated tho those who do not believe in god or are still searching for “it” and wounder why they don’t fint what they are searching for.

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  1. What an inspirational video. I liked it very much.

  2. ok …. first of all … i belong from the religion of ISLAM and no doubt there are alot of messed up muslims aswell as people from other religions….. NO RELIGION should persecute or force any one to join and believe their god …because i truly think its unfair ….MY religion ISLAM says… 88:21, 22; And so, (O Prophet!) exhort them your task is only to exhort; you cannot compel them to believe. …which clearly explains that we do not force any one to convert to islam… we only give invitations once …. also i would like to state following sayings from our PROPHET:

    “Whoever hurts a Non-Muslim citizen of a Muslim state hurts me, and he who hurts me annoys God.” (Bukhari)
    “Anyone who kills a Non-Muslim who had become our ally will not smell the fragrance of Paradise.” (Bukhari)
    this explains how just the Prophet Muhammad was to all the non muslims ….. and therefore my opinion too is that …all those people who claim to be muslims yet … kill innocent people and compel them to join islam arent doing it right …its just too pathetic to think how my own people have gone astray …. some other verses from the QURAN :”Whoever takes one single life without justification, is as if he has killed the entire humanity” [Quran 5:32]
    “Take not life – which Allah has made sacred – except for just cause.” [Al-Qur’an, 6:151]

    also what the Prophet had said about it :
    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is reported to have said,” a believer remains within the scope of his religion as long as he doesn’t kill another person without justification”

  3. If religion did exsist the world would not be as fucked up and full of pain and suffering as it is today, if only people could wake up and stop devoting there lives to fictional bullshit that never happend and just spend more time improving the world we already live in. No hate no murder no poor no rich no greed no war …… then you guys would not need to spend your whole lives miserable just to seek paradise after your death because you would already be there living in it.

  4. doesn’t work. blank. black. broken link?

  5. Never mind that last comment of mine, I’m just an uptight asshole with too much time on my hands who suffers from unwarranted self importance and has a need to impress everyone with my spelling prowess.

  6. So many spelling mistakes in the description! Are monkeys writing these descriptions after watching the documentaries with a banana?

  7. Love your enemy, no thanks you do it for me. 

  8. I probably agree with most in this documentary, but my goodness it’s boring! And quite frankly, loads of gibberish talk too.

  9. I am a bit of a senile delinquant, actually.

  10. Aristotle’s year of birth is written incorrectly (56’8″), it’s not 348 BC, it’s 384 BC.

  11. Aristotle’s year of birth is written incorrectly (56’8″), it’s not 348 BC, it’s 384 BC.

  12. God is the creator of the earth and the universe and mankind but he or it is not our babysiter. Religion is a blasfamy in of itself. organized religion only perpetuaits hatered and bigitry. God does not want us to kill each other or hate each other. But each organized religion perpetuates these hatefull beliefs. there will never be peace untile each and every religious sect agrees on the mission of the one true God. and above all else i believe that to be love one another, even your enemies.

    • You love my enemy for me thanks. The lack of clear thought that’s put in to your statment is not a suprise as it’s clear you are still chained to the idea of a (one true god) of which you claim it does not want us to kill each other or hate each other. Have you read the bible ??? because if you had you would realise your statment to be false and full of holes like all religion. How about the malakites who your (one true god) wanted wiped from the face of the earth. If only people would look a little deeper than the surface of things and maybe question what your spoon fed from birth then we wouldn’t be having this age old first attempt at philosophy bullshit debate still. I suppose it’s true what they say, never under estimate the stupidity of the masses.

    • If there is something like a “God”, we should stop calling it “God”. I believe that in most religions God is depicted as unknowable, so why do people need to reduce the unknowable to a word like “God” which is a noun. This might seem unimportant, but using a noun for something that is unknowable and therefore undefinable, just opens the door to dogma and all the destructiveness that comes with it.

  13. Is that a flying spaghetti monster? :)))