Auschwitz: The Nazi Final Solution

Auschwitz was the site of the largest mass murder the world has ever seen. This landmark, 6-part series charts the evolution of the camp and the mentality of the perpetrators, and shows how the place related to the Nazis overall campaign of extermination.

Written and produced by award-winning filmmaker Laurence Rees, and using new research, the series offers a unique perspective on the camp in which more than one million people were ruthlessly murdered. The first episode, “Surprising Beginnings”, tells of the camp’s early days and how it was originally intended for a very different purpose than the murder of the Jews.

This film does a great job at investigating this intriguing, disgusting and important part of our history. What happened in Nazi Germany is not a story for Jews. It’s a story for all world citizens. This series of films gives an in-depth look at what happened in Nazi Germany and exactly how it did happen.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Though the plight of the jews is instilled on me since early childhood and I know I should take note, I cannot, in good conscience, see or hear one more picture or sad story about it without wanting to reach into my screen and start doing damage on nazis and jews alike.
    It’s too much.
    Ever since then, many genocides have happened and have been carried out in the open almost free of repercussion by the rest of the world, save the stationing of a few UN-soldiers with no mandate to speak of.
    And of course, one of them goes, “we must make sure this never happens again”.
    It begs the question, to whom should this never happen again? The jews, or the rest of the world?

    • Yes, I understand your sentiment, Eduard. There have been many such genocides in 3rd world countries that go with little or no attention.

      One thing I find difficult to forget — and I do not blame the Jewish people, themselves — but it is commonly overlooked that MANY people of color and all the disabled (both mentally and physically) were systematically executed, without exception. 6 million Jews were killed; but 10 million prisoners. So, 40% were non-Jewish. Yet many are unaware of them. There is still far too much elitistism in this world. People are people are people– period!

  3. “Auschwitz was the site of the largest mass murder the world has ever seen.”

    Not exactly true. The soviets were the ones who started this stuff, back in the ukraine.

    They co-operated with and instgated Hitler.
    The soviets exterminated 7,000,000 pesants over one winter. I think it was the winter of 1932/33.
    Look it up.
    The USSR and the Nazi’s have a history together.

  4. I know it happened a long time ago but, this is still a valuable part of history that must be told.

    • Here’s some more valuable history of the Holocaust as documented by the Shoah Foundation and Stephen Spielberg from some lesser known(propagandized) Holocaust survivors –

      Skip to the 1:40:00 mark approximately to hear of the Auschwitz orchestra and performance theater; the Buchenwald “Death Camp” movie theater(afternoon matinee followed by mass-murder?); “death camp” cantina’s/stores(weak beer included); “death camp” soccer teams(playing against evil SS guards?)…

      Skip to 1:50:00 to hear how the guards relaxed towards the end of the war(soccer stories included), rather than ‘rushing for the finish line’ of extermination.

      After that you hear a bit about the Auschwitz daycare, and ‘hush hush’ plays that SS men showed up to watch.

      The Last Days of The Big Lie

      (warning – some racist undertones – references to ‘Jews’ rather than Zionists or Bolsheviks and such, but the main points made are 100% legitimate)

      Is it hard to believe the SS would play soccer with inmates they were supposed to be mass-murdering by the thousands, right next to the Auschwitz Krema’s where the gas chambers and ovens were supposedly going non-stop at the time?

      I do like the ‘hush hush’ underground plays mentioned that the SS men showed up to watch… very ‘hush hush’ indeed. I’m surprised they didn’t bring along some cans of Zyklon B, would have been great with everyone gathered together like that…and unlike the supposed morgues-turned gas chambers of the Krema’s the barracks were heated as required for Zyklon B to work properly…

      Stupid Nazi SS murderers always missing such great opportunities to kill Jews…

      I’m surprised that this film didn’t mention the Auschwitz inmate swimming pool either, but I guess from a revisionist perspective that and the Auschwitz mail post are old news(though the postcards are mentioned briefly by a survivor).

      It’s too bad the public masses generally are only exposed to a small fraction of the full Holocaust/’Jewish struggle’ story these days, as typified by propaganda films like this.

      So many Holocaust survivors who have real stories to tell are ignored because the truth they speak doesn’t ‘jive’ with the official mass-extermination/gas chamber claims. Absolutely shameful.

      Anyways it would be awesome if that or a different revisionist or ‘denier’ film could be uploaded here just to keep with Doc Heaven’s ‘alternative’ perspective theme, however given the stigma involved and potential negative effects of hosting such a film I understand why you would not, and I’m not going to submit it myself since I’m not going to be responsible for bringing anything bad down on this great site.

      • the schools i went to on occasion would have holocaust survivors speak to us about their time at the death camps, some of them from Auschwitz, yea they kinda failed to mention the great swimming pools and soccer games they enjoyed with the nazis lol. are you kidding me? thats one of the most ridiculous statements ive ever heard someone make about the holocaust. the nazis hated the jews, they would beat them at the death camps if they didnt do their work or get out of line, stuffed them in train cars like cattle, and of course the whole killing them for simply existing thing in mass. but of course this “propaganda” film should point out the great features of Auschwitz like a supposed swimming pool for the inmates, or how friendly the nazis were to play soccer. yea im sure that totally happened, the holocaust survivors ive talked to and listened to definitely raved about the kindness of the nazis near the end of the war as the rest of their family was either gassed or burned.

      • I am a Pole living in the land where these things had taken place, and you are a seriously misinformed individual.

      • Have you ever traveled to Poland and visited these places?  Have you ever visited the National Holocaust Museum?  Have you ever spoke to a soldier who liberated any of the death camps? Was any of your family either killed or kept at any of these death camps?

         It is ignorant, and hateful people as yourself who will look the other way as these types of atrocities manifest and you feed the fire with your hate.

  5. I know it happened a long time ago but, this is still a valuable part of history that must be told.