Australia’s Deadliest: Shark Coast

Western Austrailia’s stunning coastline has recently been ravaged by a deadly predator, the community it appears in under siege, with beaches being closed left, right and centre, tourism as well has taken a hit. Austrailia’s largest state, Perth, has become the deadliest shark attack zone on the planet. The Great White Shark is a fierce predator and was responsible for 5 fatalities within just 10 months back in 2014, with two having been totally consumed, two bitten in half and the fifth was so severely mauled he later lost his life. In this National Geographic film we get a first hand glimpse into these terrifying events and close encounters, through the use of recorded footage and a number of and interviews.

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  1. Come to Perth, Western Australia & swim in our world class beaches. Don’t be put off by a few fish nibbling on some locals & tourists.