Australia’s Front Line

Taking viewers behind-the-scenes of Australia’s Immigration, Customs and Quarantine departments.

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  1. Agreed, my bad. It was submitted to the site along with the thumbnail and being in a rush I just posted it.

    • Cheers bro. Mistakes happen. People here act like this is a service they are entitled to – as though they are a paying customer. However I know different. Thanks for your hard work and out of pocket expenses.

      Edit: At least you are not a stuck-up 9/11 twoofer like Vlatko at topdocs – who has been known to delete many hundreds of posts at a time, from dozens of various people, because he doesn’t like the fact that so many people don’t believe 9/11 was a flat out conspiracy. Conspiracy nuts censoring the general public on documentary sites is actually a pretty scary thing in my opinion. This is my opinion and not Danny’s, but as a first hand witness I stand by my accusation.

      • Thanks for the support man its much appreciated. Yeah I have had a few brushes myself with Vlakos insanity, so I know exactly what you mean. When it comes to Documentary Heaven I try be as un bias as possible. People have different beliefs and I’m not here to tell anybody what is right or wrong, just to post documentaries I think people may find interesting. Thats all. I really dont mind what people say in the comments as long as they are expressing an intelligent point and not just being out right hateful. Hope you all continue to enjoy the site.

  2. @Doc Heaven
    Why do you waste our time with false docs? This is an episode from a reality show. As @ChairmanDrew said, the thumbnail doesn’t even have anything to do with this program. I am a faithful viewer of this site but I have been let down with the past few entries.

  3. Thumbnail has nothing to do with video, and as mentioned video is just an episode of a lame tv show, should be removed.

  4. This is an TV episode of “Border Security” & is NOT a documentary.