Australia’s Hardest Prison

Enter Casuarina maximum security – the toughest jail in Western Australia and the scene of one of the bloodiest prison riots in Australia’s history. With capacity at an all-time high, the cell blocks are overflowing; Casuarina is designed for 400 inmates, it currently houses over 600 serial killers, sex offenders and terrorists. This ‘supermax’ doesn’t just house worst criminals in WA, they’re among the worst in the country.

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  1. Take them out 3 days ride and let Australia kill them.

  2. A discussing, degrading, inhuman place.
    I HATE how they name all the jail’s in Western Australia after first nation language.
    It’s fucking disrespectful and discussing.
    There is a reason all jail’s here are 70 percent black….think about it

    • In WA, as with other democracies, the courts interpret the law and apply penalties, they do not define the law.

      If you want to reasonably claim that *any* sub-group is over-represented in the prison population, you have to prove that the reasons for that are due to conspiratorial collusion between the the administrative, legislative and executive branches, or at the least a failure of one to provide proper checks on others in the normal process of justice administration.

      In the event that you can’t prove any of that, we are left to consider what other causes may result in some group being over-represented in a custodial setting. People only end up in prison in WA for breaking the law, and even then only after all other available options are considered.

      Having checked, it appears that the WA prison statistics website indicates that the proportion of Aboriginal people in custody is fairly consistently around 40% of the population, not 70%.

  3. Prisons are full because the society is sick

  4. A very good doco on lie in prisons . Be good and dont do the crimes