Autopsy: Emergency Room | Minutes From Death

Broadcast (2007) In this new three part series, von Hagens explores the impact that accidents and assaults have on the human body, while also demonstrating what first-aiders, paramedics and physicians can do to try to preserve life. First, he dissected human bodies to show how they work; then he did it to show how humans die. Now, Dr Gunther von Hagens, together with the British Red Cross, demonstrates how to save lives.

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  1. Its been removed..ive upped it to veehd so head over there if you wanna see this great show.

  2. I insist, yes I insist (!) -by all means- on keeping my hat on!!

  3. excellent!! the more people know the better the Doctor is AWESOME.. ;0


    • If you are speaking of the models that Dr. von Hagens uses in his demonstrations, then why would you ever presume that they should wear any clothing.  This is a program about human anatomy directed at a mature audience.  What is wrong with nudity?  Especially in a situation like this when it is entirely appropriate.  In fact, if you stop & really think about it for a moment & are honest with yourself (discard any preconceived prudish ideas) it will seem absurd that he would have them wear garments in this program. I only say this & responded to your comment mostly because I have watched several of his other fabulous, wonderful, informative, although somewhat macabre demonstrations & it seems so many others get side-tracked with similar comments about the “shocking” nudity.  It is rather unfortunate for those who miss most of his points, general discussions, & topics due to an aversion to the human form.

      Oh & yes, I agree this is very informative.  From what I’ve seen of this & other shows, Dr. von Hagens is a bit of a character but he really does have a sincere, respectful approach & appears to take real joy in teaching.

      • I’m not shocked my nudity myself. I am a former health care worker and have seen hundreds of people naked. However, I do feel some of the nudity in this series unecessary. Why should the genitals be exposed unless there is a particular reason for it?