Autopsy: Whitney Houston’s Last Hours

In her lifetime she sold more than two hundred million records, propelling her from a gospel choir to global stardom but at 3:36pm on February 11th 2012, Whitney Houston was found unconscious in a bath in a hollywood hotel.

World renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Stephen Shepard has been preforming autopsies for more than twenty five years, his expertise has been called on for the Bloody Sunday enquiry, the aftermath of the September 11th attacks and the inquest of the death of Princess Diana. In this documentary Dr. Shepard turns his skills to examining the coroners report for the late world famous singer Whitney Houston in an attempt to make sense of her death and understanding the key moments that lead up to this moment.

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  1. I love Whitney Houston.

  2. This show contains outright fiction. Listen to the Adam Carolla Show episode with Joe Rogan and Cassius Morris where they interview the guy who played the drug dealer. His entire story is made up, and he is not a real drug dealer.