Avon Barksdale Story: The Legends Of The Unwired

Most people are or at least should be familiar with the HBO television series “The Wire”, but not everyone will be fully aware of the fact that the television series and the people portrayed in it were mostly based on real gangsters from Baltimore.

Legends Of The Unwired is the first film to shine a light on this fact and reveal the true people that the characters of The Wire were based on. From interviews with those who grew up in Baltimore at the time and Avon “Bodie” Barksdale himself, we learn the truth about the drugs, sex, violence and death.

Like the character played in the series, the real Avon Barksdale was a Baltimore based drug dealer, unfortunately at the time of his death in February 2016, he was only in the early stages of writing his autobiography. So this film is one of the best insights we will ever have into knowing the real Avon Barksdale.

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