The Baby Stealers

Every year hundreds of children disappear from the streets of Kenya but who takes them and where is it that these children end up has always been a mystery, until now. For over a year BBC Africa Eye has been investigating the underground trade in Kenyan children, going undercover to expose the networks that snatch babies from homeless mothers and sell them to the highest bidder in underground clinics and even in the most prestigious government hospitals where babies are sold for as little as £300 ($400).

It is a trade that leaves trauma and devastation in its wake, it is the shame of the Kenyan nation and it is an underground business that must be stopped. Njeri Mwangi’s investigation also revealed corruption at Mama Lucy Kibaki, a public hospital in Nairobi. Fred Leparan, a clinical social worker at the hospital, facilitated the sale of an abandoned two-week-old baby boy to undercover reporters, later accepting 300,000 shillings (£2,000) in cash.

There are no reliable statistics on child trafficking in the East African state, but a non-governmental organization, Missing Child Kenya, said it had been involved in nearly 600 cases in the past three years.

Directed by: Kelvin Brown

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  1. Just like in America, we can’t prosecute them here either because America’s court system is corrupt also.