Banking With Hitler

371 Swiss banks stand accused of collaborating with the Nazis during World War II. This was suspected at the time by by U.S. Secretary of Treasury Henry Morgenthau, who began investigating this collaboration. He found the Swiss were not alone. His archives reveal that both British and American bankers continued to do business with Hitler, even as Germany was invading Europe and bombing London.

This investigative film shows in detail the roles played by the Anglo-German banking clique. Key members of the Bank of England together with their German counterparts established the BIS, the Bank for International Settlement, which laundered the plundered gold of Europe. On its board were key Nazis such as Walther Funk and Hjalamar Schact The president of BIS was an American, Thomas McKittrick, who readily socialized with leading Nazis. Not only the BIS, but other allied banks worked hand in hand with the Nazis. One of the biggest American banks kept a branch open in Occupied Paris and, with full knowledge of the managers in the U.S., froze the accounts of French Jews. Deprived of money to escape France, many ended up in death camps.

When Pres. Roosevelt died in April 1945, Morganthau lost his protector and his crusade against the banks came to an end. He was further weakened when men in his department were accused of being Communists during the McCarthy era. This incredible story contains interviews with surviving members of banking families and Morganthaus investigative team as well as newly found archive material.

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  1. Who financed Hiter has been a very well kept secrect over all these years. It reminds me somehow of UKR and Russia these days

  2. There are many people which directly connect Hitler with especially the British establishment and there is a fair bit written about them. ‘Namely Stephenie von Hohenlohe, Unity Mitford, Lord Halifax, Lord Londonderry, Lord Rothermere, Lord Beaverbrook and others people named in the above video. Hjalmar Schacht was acquitted at Nuremberg and later went back to banking. If people are interested in researching this further, those people may be a good start. There is no doubt the propaganda found within the Nuremberg Trials opened up many false narratives. Hitler was either a willing perpetrator or a
    useful tool used by the same old usual suspects.

  3. I thought I knew everything about WWII. After watching this documentary, I realize I have been kept in the dark. No movie or documentary except this one, ever discussed where Nazis got their money to fund their mischief.

  4. Greed. More often than not, you will find it at the centre of every despicable act by humans in history. I believe that the Banking profession is irrevocably degraded by this sad time as well as the criminal behaviour of Bankers in more recent times. Shameful.

  5. I’d be more interested in how Western bankers financed Communism.

  6. I was married to daughter of the president of Bankers Trust of Zurich, Jens Jebsen. On the day of the wedding, Jens took us to a Chinese restaurant and  proceeded to pound on the table, ” There is no Jesus Christ “. First Nazi I ever met. He was married to a daughter of Allen Dulles, Toddy. He shoved a book into my gut, written by a guy named Mosely. I thought I just got enlisted into Murder Inc. That gal, a senior at Reed College chased me down for 2 months. I still can’t figure out what they wanted with me. I sold the Tiffany silver platter for 75 bucks, I think it came from Cardinal Avery Dulles, after I threw her out. 1978-79 These Nazi are running this country now and doing the same thing to Iraq and Iran next. I know their bizarre mindset, you have to experience it, because nobody would believe it described. What kind of mindset lies like W Bush, threatening the patsy Ben Laden, while his government murdered those who died on 911, and railing at conspiracy nut who accurately accuse the shadow US government of the attack. These folks do this crap for generations. 

  7. Excellent documentary. Although short, it adds a particular piece of history that should not be forgotten, especially in light of it’s impact on global economics, and institutions that still exist today, and how they operate.

  8. The international bankers were robbing us blind then and robbing us blind today.  Hitler was the only leader who protected his people from the greedy international bankers and by kicking them out he was able to keep interest at 0%.  Germany’s economy recovered overnight and skyrocketed into prosperity.  German Citizens were now permitted to keep 100% of what they earned and and as a whole were enjoying a standard of living they never thought was possible.  Germany’s miraculous recovery and universal prosperity was witnessed by the world and the international bankers wanted the country crushed immediately before people of the world began to put 2 & 2 together and the bankers would be thrown out of more and more countries.  So WW2 was forced on Germany and the international bankers own us all today. 

  9. AH! Captialism at work. Why should one be surprised that Ameican banks continue to do businees with Nazi Germany, After all both are right wing conseratives and basically captalism wii all favor wealth,power,non demorcractic parties/governments wheb]n there i wealth to be made,Seig Heil oh Republicians!