Bastards of the Party

Raised in the Athens Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, Cle “Bone” Sloan was four years old when his father died, and 12 when he became a member of the Bloods. Now an inactive member of the notorious gang, Sloan looks back at the history of black gangs in his city and makes a powerful call for change in modern gang culture with his insightful documentary, Bastards of the Party.

Bastards of the Party draws its title from this passage in “City of Quartz”: “The Crips and the Bloods are the bastard offspring of the political parties of the ’60s. Most of the gangs were born out of the demise of those parties. Out of the ashes of the Black Panther Party came the Crips and the Bloods and the other gangs.” Bastards of the Party traces the timeline from that “great migration” to the rise and demise of both the Black Panther Party and the US Organization in the mid- 1960s, to the formation of what is currently the culture of gangs in Los Angeles and around the world.

The documentary also chronicles the role of the Los Angeles Police Department and the FBI in the evolution of gang culture. During his tenure from 1950 to 1966, Chief Robert Parker bolstered the ranks of the LAPD with white recruits from the south, who brought their racist attitudes with them. Parker’s racist sympathies laid the groundwork for the volatile relationship between the black community and the LAPD that persists today.

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  1. So it’s Whitey’s fault. Now that we established that can we change?

  2. Love and respect to Cle Sloan for making this film. Really puts that gang madness into perspective. This video should be mandatory material in every school in South-Central L.A, plant that seed in these young black men to change their destructive ways. Now its time for the music industry, namely west coast gangster rap, to acknowledge the fact their music glorifies and perpetuates gang violence. It’s a multi million dollar culture with life or death consequences. Now you got music artists who want to be gangsters and gangsters who want to be music artists—it’s messed up.

  3. Like the doc ?
    Go purchase it or donate to the brother for his product

  4. Absolutely brilliant documentary. Really showed a new, different side to the conflict between bloods and crips.
    Respect from Ireland.

  5. you get me now !

  6. First I want say is thanks to documentary heaven for this doc and many others! I am a person who believes through education comes understanding. I want to understand and grow…I wish we all did. I am a “pale face”, but I do not subcribe to any type of racism…AND I MEAN ANY! Obviously a diverse group of people were interested enough to seek out this documentary…so maybe there is hope!

  7. Look at you guys
    You all watched this film and learned nothing. Internet Bangin…Come on really? Bloods and Crips wasnt even supposed to happen. I could say a lot more but if this film wont make you think I cant either

  8. this was a good movie …. and i think many people should see this documentary…….NaBa HOOD Stoopid Lady Winnie Locc

  9. Williammasefield42
    This is why I say stop the black on black crimes and focus on cowardly whites like yourself…..bitch.

    • I didn’t say anything about their race you fucktard.  You are projecting
       (i.e. taking our own unacceptable  feelings and ascribing them to other people. ) 

      • I just wish they hurry up and come up with way to come up with your address online vs. just giving a general area. Alot of pussies like yourself wouldn’t be so quick to take shit. Pale faces are the biggest cowards on the planet….bitch

        • Do you need a tissue Mike T? Do you have nothing better to do than pout like a baby and make empty threats of violence on an anonymous message board?  

          And my original comment wasn’t directed towards blacks as a group anyway.  It was directed at people of any race, even “pale faces”, who live a thug, gang-banging lifestyle.  These people are plagues upon a civilized society. The more you babble, the more you sound like one of these types of douche bags.  

          You Fuck Off “bitch”!

          • haha hey Mike come get me, i doubt you could find my pae face as ive got a really good suntan right now , maybe if you come by during december it would help, oh my address is 67 Dee road, tilehurst, Reading, berkshire ENGLAND i shall be waiting with baited breath you racit douche!~

  10. Monkeys are more civilized than these clowns.

  11. Why are the related documentaries “Monster of the Milky Way” , “Supermassive Black Holes” “The Biggest Things in Space” and “Barrack Obama”?

  12. it aint about blue or red we need unity respect

  13. it would seem the escalation in the violence between the blood and crips was in a stolen black marketed in structure of the american governmental system. a day light robin hood communicating within the white law abiding citizen( meaning those who are willing to obey a system which until now is still in a on going dictatorship, full of lies and propaganda.) and the oppressive law pushers.aka police. but the main conclusion to my sentence is, what are the help and institutional salvation the government are willing to represent and way to  make it successful? to educate those  of which by all means, suffered a sentence of a unjudge  government system, how are they willing to break and help the on going  internal problem, of which by all means caused by the government its self and involving the police. because there are two criminals at cause in this, the government and police. a strong held fortified partnership as it may seem. so in conclusion there has to be a solution for the government to help the police and the police to restore and restructure the trust they had lost and  thrown away and which is by all means to help the community they serve and suppose to help equalize.  by all means all humans are equal.

  14. share this truth

  15. at 31:07 that is the most awesome afro ive ever seen

  16. this is the best movie of its type that i have seen.

  17. This is good. A must see.

  18. Thanks for this doc. It answered so many questions for me. I used to live in Los Angeles during the 1978-84 period. I used to hang w/ friends down by Western and Normandie and Vermont. Over in Inglewood and by the Jungle. Been to parties down in Compton and hanging with some folks at Grape 103 st. Remember riding Imperial Highway& Century blvd.Luckily I never got caught up in the “Bangers” though a few of the cats I hung out with were Bangin’. It is a sad state of affairs for them down there. But we continue to export jobs and import drugs and then we wonder why things are the way they are. And it’s not just about Black folks. The white folks are also suffering from jobs being exported and drugs being imported as well. The “SYSTEM” treats all of us the same when you are from a particular socioeconomic class. I don’t know what the solution is but stopping and reversing the export of jobs and stopping the influx of drugs would certainly go a long way to ease the pressure on both groups of our citizens. But we keep building more prisons while cutting school funding. Years ago Jesse Jackson stood in front of the brand new Alameda County jail in Oakland and stated how we spent so many millions of dollars on a new county jail while the school has leaky roofs and crumbling walls and asks “what’s wrong with this picture”? Good question.

    • i live in Canada and we have the same problems, just not as big. it seems to be an urban phenomenon. Sometimes I think it is just the ethic of our individualistic, capitalist culture that trickles down and permeates everything. Nobody gives a damn about the other people in our society. we care about our friends and family but don’t want to take on responsibility for the rest of society. If the people in this movie can feel that detached from their neighbors just like them that live a few blocks over, it isn’t hard to understand how little regard the most powerful people, the top level politicians and industry guys, have for anyone else in society, whether the poorest or the middle class. These are the people who have the most influence on where the money will go and what industries are going to get promoted and funded. so its hello prisons, arms, chemicals and pharmaceuticals and goodbye social programs, education, arts and brotherly love.