The Battle for British Islam

After the recent attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo by fundamental islamic militants, which saw the execution of several employees and police officers, Panorama’s John Ware set about investigating the current state of islamic relations within the United Kingdom. Asking the question, “why is it that some muslims feel justified in killing their fellow citizens in the name of Islam?”

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  1. Religions will eventually be ‘interpreted’ out of existence. Good thing, too!

    • I do absolutely hope so, too, but judging from what’s happening in America – that creationist crap, and they’re trying to “invade” schools with it, which is definitely the best way to spread misinformation – by brainwashing kids… then this Islamic crap… the world is in a really sad state of affairs regarding religion. To me it seems like religion is gaining in popularity? Please tell me it isn’t and I’m just imagining. Logic dictates that with increased urbanisation, education, and therefore intelligence, religion should be losing ground.