The Battle for Syria

As fighting rages in the streets of Syria's largest city, FRONTLINE Producer Jamie Doran and Correspondent Ghaith Abdul-Ahad journey to the heart of the insurgency, inside the rebel groups that are waging a full-scale assault on the forces of President Bashar al-Assad.Within "liberated zones" near the city of Aleppo, the rebels not only fight the Syrian Army, but struggle against each other in a bitter rivalry between secular and Islamist fighters. The Battle For Syria is an unprecedented portrait of Syria's rebel leaders, the toll of the war on civilians, and the outlines of a potential struggle for power in post-Assad Syria.
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  1. “They become, basically, like the monsters they’re trying to topple.”

  2. The rebel bravey and commitment top topple the regime is not in doubt or question.
    What appals me is the shear ill discipline and childish display of a rabble given weapons loosing off and wasting ammunition . Weapons they do not need training in fighting skills thed

  3. the next thing to see before a nuke war, is the rise of the antichrist and his false prophet. keep your eyes open for the two witnesses, because they speak on behalf of GOD. true words of wisdom. then the end will come. the mark of the beast will be forced on the whole world, only the truly wise will know it and refuse it, even at the cost of death!!!