PT2 Ross Kemp: Battle for the Amazon

Ross Kemp – Battle For The Amazon will look into the socio-economic and environmental pressures facing the Amazon regions of Brazil and Ecuador. The shows will explore the legacy of devastation created by a burgeoning global desire for energy, food and mineral resources.

ROSS KEMP comments: “While filming in Nigeria last year, I saw first-hand how much man’s greed has cost the environment. By traveling to the Amazon, we hope to highlight some of the well-known and lesser-known causes of deforestation. I am no environmentalist, but no species has interfered with the earth’s temperature in such a short space of time as we have. That damage as yet is unquantifiable. However, the survival of the world’s rainforests, in particular the Amazon, is crucial to the future of the human race.”

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  1. holy fuck, could have gone so wrong.

  2. holy fuck, could have gone so wrong.