Battleship Antarctica

Every year a fleet of Japanese ships travel to the freezing waters of the Antarctic and here they hunt and kill nearly 1000 minke whales which end up being sold as meat in the markets of Japan but for the last 30 years the whale hunters themselves have been hunted and harassed by the environmental group Greenpeace.

Having seen footage of previous campaigns filmmaker Morgan Matthews was astonished by the drama of these epic sea battles and when Greenpeace invited him on their next anti-whaling expedition he thought he knew what to expect but when he traveled to the Antarctic to make this film the conflict came from an unexpected adversary and the outcome was one that no one could have predicted.

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  1. i don’t see the point of saving whales while stuffed on dead turkey and beef.
    why this division between animals why is one okay to eat while the other is not? If the crew can eat turkey or beef why can’t the japanese eat Whales? This is a hypocritical attempt to deprive the Japanese people from the meat of their choice. These people should stop wasting donations on such meaningless endeavors unless the crew is made of people who really cares not only about the life of whales but also chickens, turkeys and cows.

    • Chickens, turkeys, and cows are not on the endangered list. If Japan factory farmed whales though I have no idea how that would be accomplished, it probably wouldn’t be an issue. Practice sustainability in all food sources and you can eat whatever you want. Otherwise you lose the food source forever. They seem to want whale meat so much you’d think they would be at the forefront of whale conservation so they could continue the practice forever.

      • So your point Zac is that that just because you factory farm an animal and are able to sustain your level of consumption, that makes the consumption, and production, sustainable? Wow.. you know nothing about the environmental cost of factory farming then. For your information: however bad, hunting whales is not by far as damaging as factory farming when you take in account the cost to the environment. Open your books a little before you open you mouth. Cheers pal

        • Oh, I know all about factory farming(I live in an area full of it). How else are large populations sustained other than some sort of factory farming technique? You tell me. I never said that factory farming wasn’t environmentally damaging. Would you rather a species get hunted to extinction? There has to be some form of conservation or factorization of a food source for it to be maintainable for even a single countries worth of people. I live in reality. Maybe you should open your brain and use it. I just happen to think that whales are pretty cool and we should try to preserve them as long as possible. I’m not against people eating what they want, though, either.

  2. Wow this doc is next level…”Steak,turkey, sheep…we got like 700 kg of meat back here” while saving whales.
    All lives matter!!!
    If you don’l like animals being killed then stop eating them as well!

  3. The Japenese are in no way peacefull when it comes to killing whales that is why I support the Seasheperd

    • I support neither. Sea Shepard and the like are limp wrist impotents, while the Japanese don’t seem to care about sustaining their food source of choice at levels that can be continually harvested indefinitely.