Becoming Immortal

When we are born we already know one thing, we have too little time, much too little time. In the blink of an eye or the shedding of a tear we become old. We are all born to die, but there is hope because isn’t ageing merely an illness? One that will sooner or later catch up with each an every single one of us, but what if there was a cure that could cure our immortality?

In this film we explore how the idea of Becoming Immortal is now closer than ever, all thanks to the latest advancements in technology and science. If this is the case, will immortality be something reserved only for the superrich?

The concept of cheating death has been around since our inception but it is only now that we are seeing billions being invested into research conducted by a tight community of scientists and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley who believe that our DNA can be cracked in what would be called: The code of mortality, allowing us all to become immortal.

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  1. Hellz once your past the age of 40 who cares if you die? Youve done it all or should have. I could go along with 21 and naive forever but anything short of that just save your freezer for the lunch meat!

  2. Yes Yes Yes Ascension is Descending Divinity We live previously & yet to Experience simultaneously with this very moment!
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  3. Alcor still doesn’t even know if you can revive a cryogenically frozen person, why would you pay them $200,000.00 to become a freezer burnt corps?
    And for the people wanting to become digital beings that shit would never work, the way we experience consciousness is full of biochemical interactions throughout the body, making us happy or sad and all the other emotional states. Some of these exchanges start in the brain some start in other parts of the body, if you remove the body you take away the ability to feel emotion… so your then left with a disconnected psychopath sort of state and if you are still you it would probably be one fucked up existence.