Becoming Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett truly is a unique billionaire, with a net worth of more than $60 billion you would expect him to be living in a mansion, flying private jets and living the high life in general but Buffett is the exception to what one would consider the billionaire lifestyle.

Now 86, the legendary investor still lives in the very first house he bought back in the 50’s, it is a modest home located 15 minutes away from his work, to which he drives himself to everyday stopping off at the local McDonalds to get breakfast.

It is through his humility, moral integrity and unique mind that he came to be not only the most successful businessman in the world, but also an unparalleled philanthropist.

Becoming Warren Buffett is a film by HBO who have managed to gain unprecedented access to Buffett’s day to day personal life, it tell the improbable tale of how a somewhat troublesome young man was able to channel his ambitions and become one of the richest men in the world, admired by fellow billionaires, politicians and your everyday working man.

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  1. Well done Warren .