Beer Wars

Beer lovers eager to learn the facts about their favorite brew are invited to follow filmmaker Anat Baron as she takes an insider’s look at America’s highly competitive hops industry. The story gets under way as innovative, independent brewers begin challenging the corporate monoliths for a greater share of the thriving American beer market.

Brewers Sam and Rhonda, in particular, are on the front lines in the battle against established industry giants that seem determined to put smaller breweries out of business. Is it possible for independent brewers like Sam and Rhonda to maintain their integrity while resisting the temptation to sell out?

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  1. Great doc! A must watch for any beerophile.

    And then wow. I’m really surprised that there is so much arguing about beer going on here from so many people who seem to know NOTHING about the beer world.

    America is the REVIVAL of the craft beer scene. Has been doing it for a few decades now, even holding onto recipes from germany and belgium that are no longer brewed in their home country. We used to be “American Adjunct” beer drinkers, but that sentiment is slowly being considered the beer that only careless alcoholic consume in large amounts.

    For depth, dedication and creative variety in beer: the Cascade region is beer mecca.

  2. Amazing any one would care as American beer is tasteless, insipid piss-water.

    • Our Beer is Awesome, go have a tea with that old bag bitch queen hitler ruler of yours.

      • An old saying; American beer is like having sex in a boat – it’s fucking close to water.

      • What on earth are you taking about? That Amercian beers are near-tasteless versions of beers found in other countries is widely accepted.

        However, based on your very low standard of english and your choice of words I’m sure that you are too young to be allowed to buy beer.

        • “Our Beer is Awesome”


          • @539f9a56712efbc12ad5bab85a5dcba1:disqus Our Beer is Amazing!  You’re right.  The genuine microbrews all over America.  From the wide variety of yeasts near the bay area in San Francisco, to the barley fields of the planes, and the delicate hops in New England, America has the in the making some great brew.  Some of the European beers are so specific to their region they cannot be duplicated elsewhere.  But what we lack in specificity of product we make up for in variety of our ingredients.  Don’t think for a minute that Americans come in three varieties, Coors, Bud, or Miller.  We are a nation of diversity and so is our beer.