Before the Flood

Before The Flood is a documentary brought to us by the Academy Award-winning filmmaker Fisher Stevens and the Academy Award-winning actor, and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio. It was filmed over the course of a three year journey that took Stevens and DiCaprio across all corners of the globe and reveals the true effects in which climate change is having on our planet. 私たちは、日本の居住者が利用できる様々なオンラインカジノ を調べ、多くの要素を用いて比較しました。このように、調べる手間を省き、安全で評判の良いカジノを素早く見つけることができるようにしています。.

As we learn of how incredibly interconnected our world’s climate is we begin to see how bleak our future really is if we continue to stand idly by whilst the most catastrophic problem mankind has ever faced continues to grow in scale.

A lot of key topics get touched on including that of carbon tax and how effective this is in swaying a capitalist economy to try and invest more in renewables. We also see interviews with President Barack Obama, Pope Francis, Elon Musk and more.

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  1. Who likes this fear porn? I thought that we all grew up by now and realize that yes, the earth’s climate changes, we honestly do not know how much we impact the changes, and lastly, we actually do not know how to solve the problem. Pushing this carbon credit scenario so that rich bankers can rub two pieces of paper together and draw tax money from us poor schmucks is not going to help at all.

    If we really gave a rats ass what we would do is focus on the amount of trash that we pump out through inferior products and a single serving lifestyle. That, combined with crappy ass factory farming focused on shitty food that pollutes our waters, interrupts the natural cycles of life and kills vast amounts of bugs and bees. Now we have Bayer and Monsanto merging in some sinister incestuous relationship to snuff out the last of the family farms.

    “As an actor I pretend for a living and I am doing the same goddamn thing right now” You got it right DiCrapeo. What a douchebag. If you still believe this nonsense folks, then good for you. Wish I could be that damn ignorant.

    Again, let’s get together and focus on things that we can get better control over and are measurable. Carbon credits just ain’t gonna due it lill o Leo.

    P.S. Sierra Club are a bunch of ecofascist numbnuts.

    • You are acknowledging that the Earth changes. What has changed, maybe it is us? Doesn’t seem to cavalier an idea, sure there are natural cycles that control climate changes. I would suggest you read on Milankovitch cycles for starters, but there is no denying at this point that the changes are anthropological. Your entire premise, is that we don’t know what’s happening so let’s not do anything about it. Well we do, we don’t know the details. But you only need to see pictures of the world now and a few years ago to see the massive effect we are having. The pollution in cities in China is not some kind of sham. How in any way could that be a force of natural activity, which suddenly started in the last century?

      Oh wait, I have just read your second paragraph and seen you’re contradicting yourself. You are now so generously coming up with ideas to deal with something that you just said wasn’t occurring and that there was no solution to. In part, I agree with you that we should adjust our lifestyle and improve factory regulations dramatically. This is happening, and as stated in the documentary we need to do more. This tax would be a good wake up call for a lot of people.

      Lastly, don’t let the fact that you are not ignorant affect your sleep too much, you are way ahead of us folks! I have the utmost respect for DiCaprio, and your quote was used as a metaphor but you are taking it entirely out of context to attack a person’s character.

      • In a nutshell it is ridiculous to look towards carbon taxing and the carbon credit system. Just look at what they are implementing in Canada. Again, just another tax to move money around in an inefficient manner for the wealth of a few.

        I am not contradicting myself in the second paragraph. What I am saying is we should focus on more measurable type of activities that have a larger impact. High impact, family owned, local, high yield farming is one of those alternatives. There are other examples as well that do not involve the government and large banks.

        If you cannot understand that then you are just a troll so I will feed you no longer. If you are hungry hook your mouth up to a tail pipe and suck in some carbon to help save the world. Plus, I see no use in responding to someone who hides behind a fake profile.