Behind the Music: Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart was a rising young Rock n’ Roll idol in the fall of 1971 with a No. 1 song and a No. 1 album on both sides of the atlantic. Three decades later after all the bands, blues, breakups and blondes, Rod Stewart still has the one thing he started out with, his voice, a one of a kind combination of sandpaper and soul.

This film is an in depth look into the life and music of the legend himself Rod Stewart, we start off with his British youth and beginnings working odd labor jobs and being known as somewhat of a beatnik and mod as a teenager in the early 60’s.

It wasn’t until later that he started exploring blues based rock and roll, later forming The Faces and going solo, moving to the United States in the mid 70’s. A great amount is covered in his personal life too, especially marriages and relationships with Rachel Hunter, Alana Hamilton and others, and the 4 kids he’d had up to that point.


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