Behind the Reply Girl Phenomenon

Behind the Reply Girl Phenomenon looks at a Youtube trend where large breasted women with very little original content become video celebrities based on their breasts. This is a look at the business behind the bosom. Capitalizing on man’s fascination (obsession) with breasts women have sprouted up on Youtube and turned their physical assets into liquid assets. The money behind the million+ views can be substantial and, for some, has become their full time career. The Reply Girl is the most famous of this new class of web entrepreneur. VICE catches up with REPLY GIRL and asks her the hard questions that she does not seem interested in addressing in her own videos.

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  1. These girls should be known more. dinosaur game

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  3. Girl story is just one of a bunch of different documentaries, why isn’t it mentioned in the description?

  4. Well I like you reply girl. Not just cause you got nice boobs but because you’re cute. When I say cute I mean quirky… You’ve got a unique way about you that I find funny and just… fun. My condolences about your boyfriend, that really is a terrible tragedy. It seems to me that it was unjust of Youtube to change it’s algorithm like that. I hope you find a way to make a decent living by using the same initiative that led you to youtubing. And by your “initiative” I don’t mean your boobs but your brains and your personality.

  5. I feel so clued out! I never realised this stuff goes on Youtube all the time. Where DO people find the time to watch and follow all these people?
    I don’t even have the time or the inclination to follow my friends on Face Book.
    signed “Fifty and Out of it”

  6. why is everyone being so vile? she’s just trying to earn some money, in her own fairly innocuous way; the impact of coca cola’s immoral business has brought widescale suffering to many, she’s just a girl in her bedroom. A girl who’s Dad left her, + with a dead boyfriend. Are you all fucking charity workers or something, do you all dig wells for starving children all day? Exactly.

  7. Nice story Pabby, you mad?

  8. yo people, yall pretty stupid hu..?
    this woman in the video is not a bad person neither an idiot. she is a human being, like the rest of us, and she deserves the respect of such. maybe she is not particularli inteligent, but then again who is. lets face it, there is not manny TRUELY inteligent people out there (i certainly dont count myself amongst them), most of us is walking around with our head so far up our own arses that we would not notice an inteligent person if we where fed one… so stop with the judgemental atitude and start looking inwards.

    peace out…
    viVa La TIeRa

  9. mmm, bewbiez.

  10. anyone who picks on her is just an angry piece of shit looking for an easy target. People have made money is worse ways, why dont you go harass them you shitty, self rightious fucks.

  11. …after watching several of her videos I finally noticed that she wasn’t that pretty and her voice was a bit annoying. …I’m not able to focus long enough to follow what she’s

  12. I love these girls, you go! earn that living the way you want. Oh and you all have cracking tits too 🙂


  14. stupidity!!!

  15. A reply girl with a pimp? I think your mind is wandering a little too far… hahaha.

    Only in America could this fucking idiot be anything but a cum dumpster.
    I shit in her lungs.
    That scum should be wiped from the face of the earth

  17. how can someone not speak to her dad in months, thats definitely not life…breakdown of the family unit is the first milestone in the destruction of a society

  18. The thing to understand is that these women and girls are likely to be under the control of male pimps. The only natural way a womb-man can turn her breasts into ‘liquid assets’ is through childbirth for the purposes of feeding and nourishing new human babies, rather than having their breasts turned into a fetish for freaks.

  19. Odd and kind of sad. Internet≠ life

  20. I’m kind of astounded by the amount of hate that this girl gets. She’s doing something that has absolutely no affect on anyone else’s life. If people do not want to watch the videos, then they don’t have to. I think I’ve watched one reply video in several years of watching Youtube. I realised it was a boring waste of time and never watched another reply video again. I didn’t spam the uploader’s account with hatred and threats. It just is not that important.

    If this girl and girls like her can make money off of reply videos, all the more power to her. The people who watch the videos are not even spending money to watch it, it’s the youtube ad revenue she gets. Except for your time, you spend literally nothing to watch these videos.

  21. I don’t get why she doesn’t just meet a rich old man like all the other big breasted idiot women do in the world…..let’s face it there’s hardly a lot more dignity in being a parasite on other peoples videos and preying on 12 year old adolescent boys who’s parents have restricted the internet access so they cant watch real porn.

    As soon as you accept that your mind cannot provide you with the skills to pay the bills, you’re on the slippery slope to prostitution. Might as well just admit it and marry a rich guy while you still have the looks.

    And please people, don’t start throwing insults at me just because i see the situation of pretty girls marrying ugly rich guys for what it is….

    “So what was it that first attracted you to your millionaire husband….”

    You had a good innings, now it’s all over so get yourself to the horse races with a low cut top on and look for the 70 year old man who’s betting $10k a race. Then go home with him and…..well… can work the rest out yourself.

    Next stop, Porche Boxter S and lunching with the girls….who will also have no soul left, just like you…..but that’s the price you pay.