Being Barack Obama’s Brother

Brothers and sisters, you don’t get to choose them but your family bond lasts a lifetime. Sometimes they are your trusted friends, sometimes they are your rivals but what is it like when your brother or sister is a megastar or icon?

This special examines George Obama, brother to 44th President of the United States, Brack Obama. Barack Obama Sr., married four times before he died and to this day, not all of his children have met one another. The seven surviving children are scattered across the globe, from Kenya to China to the White House. George is the youngest of them, he was born in Nairobi, Kenya into an affluent middle-class family but now he lives in the slums of this gigantic city.

Since his brother became the president of the United States, George has been quite busy. The people in his slum come to him for advice and council, after all he is an Obama and he has white friends like Kevin the playwright from England and you never know what his connections to the Whitehouse could lead to.

This program was recorded when Barack Obama was the president of America. Being the brother of Barack Obama is a heavy burden for George Obama. “Being his brother is a blessing, but also a curse,” says George Obama. Since the presidency of Barack Obama, everyone wants something from George Obama. Because, if anyone can draw attention to the slums of Nairobi, it is George Obama, only because his brother is…Barack Obama.

Directed by: Britta Hosman

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