Being Terri: Britain’s Youngest Burns Survivor

This is the extraordinary story of Terri Calvesbert, a cheeky, fun-loving child who at the age of six is also the youngest person in Britain to survive 90 percent burns. We see how a team of dedicated surgeons are painstakingly rebuilding her body, but can she ever lead a normal life?

Terri sustained her injuries at home in Ipswich, 1998, when her mother Julie, accidentally left a burning cigarette in her room. As the cigarette burned it set fire to the surrounding materials which resulted in a blaze that would eventually engulf Terri’s nose, hair, hands, and ears with flames. She was just 18 months old at the time of the incident.

In this film, we catch up with Terri to see how she is coping with her horrific injuries. Life for her is far from easy, not only was she disfigured but she also has to cope with getting shocked responses from strangers when they see her go shopping with her grandmother. Her father, Paul Calvesbert, correctly describes the big-hearted youngster as ‘an inspiration to everyone’.

As of this year (2020), Terri is now 23 years old, she has had more than 50 operations to help repair her damaged skin and will be marrying her “best friend and soulmate” this summer.

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  1. This chic is getting hitched and I’m still single. Damn, that burns.