Beyond Belief

From the author: Jesus trained in India, taught meditation and reincarnation and died in India.

This film provides a compelling case for this viewpoint using historical and anecdotal evidence to support these claims but the centerpiece to the argument made in Beyond Belief is the Gospel of Thomas.

The producer argues that this gospel contains esoteric knowledge taken directly from the Vedas. The Gospel of Thomas itself, is the Holy Grail. Beyond Belief is the sequel to Beyond Me.

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  1. Modern mainstream Christian scholarship has generally rejected any travels by Jesus to India, Tibet or surrounding areas as without historical basis:
    Robert Van Voorst states that modern scholarship has “almost unanimously agreed” that claims of the travels of Jesus to Tibet, Kashmir or rest of India contain “nothing of value”.
    Marcus Borg states that the suggestions that an adult Jesus traveled to Egypt or India and came into contact with Buddhism are “without historical foundation”.
    John Dominic Crossan states that none of the theories presented about the travels of Jesus to fill the gap between his early life and the start of his ministry have been supported by modern scholarship.
    Leslie Houlden states that although modern parallels between the teachings of Jesus and Buddha have been drawn, these comparisons emerged after missionary contacts in the 19th century and there is no historically reliable evidence of contacts between Buddhism and Jesus.
    Paula Fredriksen states that no serious scholarly work places Jesus outside the backdrop of 1st century Palestinian Judaism.

  2. I heard that edgar Cayce said that the first pope meddled with the bible , to gain more control over people

  3. One more thing…..we here in India not only cremate dead people but also bury dead bodies. Different communities and castes of Hinduism follow different practices.

  4. I am from India and I can vouch this video is from an organisation called ISKON. Iskon is a very commercial organisation in the guise of a spiritual organisation. Iskon wooes westerners with mysticisms created around its activities along with drugs and sex. Imagine running around half the world and learning philosophies of very different schools all in 18 years. No one should take this video seriously. Please don’t demean Christianity or Hinduism by believing in this nonsense. There aremany spiritual institutions in India today who are very commercialized and wooing foreigners and Indians alike. They spend heavily on marketing themselves. Imagine Iskon temples charges you to enter it. You can bypass long queues by paying extra for special tickets. God help.

  5. Often with videos like these it is quite easy to point out fallacious assertions and ideas. This video, however, contains so much nonsense and baseless assertions that I don’t even know where to start. Keep watching, though, if you wish to base your view of reality upon what you WANT to believe.

  6. Even though religion makes no good sense to me, this view of Jesus is more plausible than the bible’s. I’ve always thought that Jesus went to india and studied but that the true history got muddled. In my opinion, the christian bible is almost completely toxic and the god portrayed there is a psychopath. Of course it’s really all just myths that people have twisted around into some convoluted belief system and life would be better for everyone if the bible just went away, then people would be less apt to hating one another. There is nothing like holding on to “beliefs” to drive people away from loving one another.

  7. well … this program makes one stop t0 think of the possibility .. and yes, he is correct in saying that all the great theological masters and texts share certain foundational qualities and virtues ..but, the idea that Jesus hoofed it around all over Asia in the time that he did … well.. i’m a doubting Thomas on this one … “What the hell is the Gospel of Thomas?” LoL of course the church destroyed many texts … we know that is true .. the politics of the day .. but to say that Jesus was welcomed in all parts of the societies and seemed to be “understood” … come on .. entertaining enough

  8. No actual proof, but very comical

  9. This man really needs his head examined. Its people like this that decreases our country’s morals and increases its murder and crime rate. He has certainly never read the Bible in his life and doesn’t have much common sense or intelligence for that matter. He obvisously has an agenda why he is attacking Jesus so much, not just in this video,but also writting a book, which defames Jesus. Just because you don’t understand something it means its not real? People don’t understand rocket science and it is real. Another lost soul who came to heavens gate and slammed it shout because he couldn’t recognize it from a world filled with many things that covers it up to be a lie and blurs its direction with its many different religions all claiming they offer the same peace,but they don’t.

    • What are you saying man, people understand rocket science…that is why there is empirical evidence of rocket science, you can measure rocket science, predict it, recreate it. You cannot do any of those things with God. I am a Christian and I read the Bible daily, and I am so sick and tired of people who have a 3rd world understanding of the Bible, enlighten yourself brother. Don’t be another lamb taken to the slaughter because of blind devotion. Let us not play this cat and mouse game with the idea of God and historical theories. This guy who made this documentary obviously had his opinion, and he is entitled to it, blaming murder and morality on him is an asinine argument. All religion is a leap of faith, nothing more, if you can empirically prove God to me, without using the following types of phrases: “I had an experience”, “Can you prove love?”, “I just know”…hats off to ya. But till then, accept the context this document was written in and rejoice, do not aspire to be ignorant. It is your obligation as a fellow Christian to test your faith and question the verses.

    • Have you read his book?

    • You said: “He has certainly never read the Bible in his life” yet he encouraged viewers to do just that. I think that he just doesn’t interpret it like you do and that is the reason you feel your “truth” is threatened and why you insulted his sense and intelligence.

      You also said that “he is attacking Jesus” and [defaming Jesus] when he is just presenting a different way to understand the life of Jesus than what you have been taught.
      He presented in a very respectful way the hundreds of gospels that exist and suggests taking a wider view of the life of Jesus than the men who edited and produced the Christian bible. Those men were very short-sighted and controlled by powerful forces not interested in enlightenment.

  10. LOL good comedy.