Beyond Reason

Beyond Reason is a brand new documentary about Science & Spirituality, but unlike any other film in this genre. Rather than attempt to fit the infinite, into a limited and finite system like modern science, science itself is put under the microscope. Out intellects are bound
by our perceptions and what we perceive is limited by our five senses.
From what we’ve learned though modern physics, what get through our five senses is more unreal than it is real. Science is all a search
for the truth, but in order to reach the Ultimate Truth, we need to go beyond our intellects, Beyond Reason, to get there!!

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  1. how is this private??

  2. The first 20 minutes or so are interesting from a ‘fair enough that’s what some scientists believe’ point of view, but then the whole thing veers off in to gurus sitting cross legged rambling on about consciousness. Alarm bells time. So stopped watching after an hour, just too wishy washy and doesn’t go anywhere. Not even worth watching to educate yourself on others point of view, there’s no substance here.

  3. if you want to know what the consequences of jumping into the Grand canyon are, you have to try it.

  4. Guess I am too unenlightened, to ,make any sense of your spiritual truth seeking. I am the Truth , the Light and the Way works fine for me, as do the 10 Commandments.Your guidance is to never build your spiritual house on any belief you hold, but always question your dogma. Obviously there are not absolutes in your religion.Faith will bring anyone to the Truth, who genuinely . I feel your approach to God and reality leads to knowing nothing, neither the Living God or the Truth. Your guys sure make things complicated. i am not here, and i not there , What the hell????

    • living god? serious…id like to see him, where is he? i can see the constellations and the moon and such…but ive never seen god…only pictures that were drawn by people who never saw him personally, and there havent been people from b.c nor a.d who can tell us otherwise….im on the fence really. check out ICP’s song called “wheres god”!

  5. Great to see these comments, you all clearly don’t understand the message of this video. All bound to your own facts and can’t be open to the fact that you might be wrong. Placidright –> this is religion, science is religion, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, evolution all is religion. Your idea of a universally verified is really subjective to the ones who support the proposed religion (or fact in the believers opinion). These people have a religion but they make a point, all is religion and non of us is certain because nothing can be proved! Soon as you think “you know” you will get stuck and create a religion. Key is not to know and being able to alternate your believes and assumptions. Only then you will be able to keep discovering and find satisfaction through the stages in your life. There is only one fact and that is that there is no fact. Find peace in that fact and you will lead a much more happy life still chasing the one true question “what is the meaning to life”. Maybe then we can all give our opinions about statements and discoveries in an objective way. And then you ask “what is objective” objectivity is subjective as can be, so objectivity is actually non excising. Everything is subjective so we can rather share experiences then throwing out subjective opinions based on subjective results of subjective facts in order to satisfy your subjective behavior of a craving for subjective satisfaction. Therewith I will remain in my subjective world being amassed by experiences every day, feeding on brain food that helps me to gain a bigger understanding through experiences of myself and others. Filtering what I see as plausible, eye opener or bullshit. Though the journey of life, being able to alternate my opinion but in general trying to be a good person. 🙂

    • Yes, everything is religion. Be a good person with no real (you did criticise the idea of reality, didn’t you?) idea of what being good is. After all, everything being religion is enough to build upon.

  6. i dont think any of you weirdos even watched the film.take some responsibility for your morals

  7. “If you want proof, you have to conduct the experiment yourself” — i.e. the results of the “experiment” cannot be verified or disproved by society because the experience is entirely subjective to the person conducting it who also happens to be the subject. Science is society’s search for truth and can be verified universally. What they are describing is an individual’s search for their own version of “truth”, also known as religion.

  8. I got as far as the second sentence in the description “Rather than attempt to fit the infinite, into a limited and finite system like modern science, science itself is put under the microscope.”

    Nice one, retard.

  9. lol, even the descrip[tion is wrong! the idea of 5 senses is completely
    outdated n goes back to aristotle. we have 11 – 13 senses depending on
    definition. hunger for example something we sense. if we close our eyes
    and lift our arm in the air, we know where it is because of
    “proprioception”. yes, science is the search for truth.,..but vital to
    that is intellect and reasoning. obviously you need an operational
    definition, objective observation and objecting measurement…but it
    takes reason and intellect to make sense of the data and form sound
    conclusions. if not, one might conclude that when everyone opens their
    umbrella it begins to rain. it is our reason that tells us that the
    causal effect of the number of umbrellas open and amount of rain is the

    • isn’t hunger a form of touch? or perhaps feeling?

      i think it classic to believe that sensations become feelings, but you can also feel independent of sensing — proprioception.

  10. Ah yes, our five senses!

    Taste, touch, balance, heat, smell, sight,… umm… wait…

    Hearing, time, pain, sight, touch, balance… er… 1,2,3,4,5,6,… umm.

    Yeah, so five. Five senses!

    • balance is an abstraction and compare/contrast of touch — inner ear. they certainly can be combined, but that’d be like saying every instance of sensation is unique and different…or at least there would be billions of combinations thinking of it like that.

  11. It gave me diarrhoea. And undermined my already low opinion of the US.

  12. Hahahahaha. Even the description is nonsense: “From what we’ve learned though modern physics, what get through our five senses is more unreal than it is real.”

  13. Americanised self-help program. Says it all. Don’t waste your time. Whenever somebody tells you he has answers to life you do not have, you can be assured he does not have the answers as well.