Beyond Treason

Department of Defense documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act expose the horrific underworld of the disposable army mentality and the government funded experimentation upon US citizens conducted without their knowledge or consent.

Is the United States knowingly using a dangerous battlefield weapon banned by the United Nations because of its long-term effects on the local inhabitants and the environment? Explore the illegal worldwide sale and use of one of the deadliest weapons ever invented. Was Gulf War Illness actually predicted by the DoD before hand? Why are thousands of our men and women in uniform dying? Why won’t the mainstream media report this story?

Beyond the disclosure of black-ops projects spanning the past six decades, Beyond Treason also addresses the complex subject of Gulf War Illness. It includes interviews with experts, both civilian and military, who say that the government is hiding the truth from the public and they can prove it.

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  1. Questions are the foundation of knowledge. Supposition is the basis of any documentary. The message becomes the twist, or the spin, of the producers bias…the subject is irrevelant. Too often documentary writers string together questions with partial information. It becomes rather easy to create, sell and spread controversy. Linking partial truths with selective facts is misleading at best. This is one such story, created in reverse. Hind sight can be 20/20; but that is rare. The infinite set of variables that intercept the design, hope, intent, prefered or required elements of any human plan are ultimately influenced by the sets of momementary circumstances that intertwine with the best laid plans to alter results. Planning is an imperfect but necessary part of life. Strategic planning increases the liklihood of attaining prioritized or desired outcomes. It does not control all related variables, nor consequences. Therefore, any documentary which examines the reverse design of outcomes, results and consequences as a matter of calculated and sinister design is fundamentally flawed. Documentary producers have a responsibility to present such arguments as opinion. Like a tornado, documentary SPIN has consequences when selective facts, truths, myths and details are woven into the small picture of the bigger, multifaceted situation. The reverse story design of resulting consequences as a tool of calculated conspiracy theories of diabolical intent to harm, is simply false and inadequately represents any truth behind the facts. Rarely are consequenese of reverse design demonsratative of the issues original intent. As with people, policies often change with the value 20/20 hind sight.