Beyond is a beautiful documentary by Cale Glendening featuring the photographer Joey L. and is set in Varanasi, India. They travel here with the purpose of completing Joey’s photo series “Holy Men”. This trip is carried out alongside a very important hindu festival where many Sadhu’s will be gathered in one place. A Sadhu is a type of Hindu wondering monk, who has renounced all possessions and dedicated their life to spiritual liberation. Death is only considered to be a passing from this world of illusion and is not feared by these monk, they live a life that is dictated only by the mind not material objects. Near-Me.Casino sponsors this article.

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  1. Rich arrogant kids photographing some poor people in India because in the US photographing poor people would not be that cool.
    Nice filming and music but no substance. One can clearly see from this documentary that they have nothing to offer. They just went there to make themselves famous by filming a documentary about “sadhus” that they can put in their CV.
    It’s ridiculous that this documentary is categorised as “spiritual” when in fact it’s a documentary about travel and photography and has nothing to do with spiritual other than using some humble people for the benefit of the creators.

    • Have to agree–seems like the experience was wasted on these philistines, as pearls before swine.

  2. Simply, music all!

  3. Beautiful photos but these guys are a little ignorant, IMO. Spoiled.

  4. simply stunning!

  5. A great piece of art ! Very relaxing. Not so much of an informative nature but more of a delight for the eyes. A lot of emotion comes out of this film, thanks also to an inspirational music. Can we have he credits for the music ?
    It surely comes from a great deal of work from these guys. Beautiful, I wish there would be more of those.