Bikes for Africa

Bikes for Africa is an inspirational documentary about Hap Cameron, who in 2003 decided to devote his twenties to traveling the world in the pursuit of achieving his goal, which was to live and work on every continent before he turned the age thirty. Having now almost completed his goal 8 years later, Hap only has one more continent to take on and thats Africa.

This documentary follows Hap’s journey through Africa as he attempts to set up a self-sustainable cycle bike workshop in rural Namibia with a container load of secondhand donated bikes from Melbourne. The idea is to discover how much of an effect one push bike can have on a person or family living in rural Africa.

Bikes of Africa was directed by both Hap Cameron himself and an independent New Zealand filmmaker called Richard Sidey.

For more information please visit the following personal and project related websites: and

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  1. Inspirational, emotional and eye opening.. fantastic.!