Bill Cosby: Fall of an American Icon

This film sets its sights on the fascinating tale of how one of Hollywood’s most successful stars managed to find himself facing criminal charges for sexual assault a decade after the accusations were made against him. On June 5th, 2017, Bill Cosby faced trial for these charges but after deliberation it was declared a “True Deadlock”.

After the fist trial was declared a mistrial Cosby was tried again, this time however on April 25th 2018, he was found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

Cosby was an American icon, a brilliant comedian who broke down racial barriers on American television, and with the Cosby Show, a sitcom about a black middle class family created one of the most successful television shows of all time but now that legacy is truly disgraced.

This documentary takes us through his career which began in the 1960’s and reveals the impact he had on culture at the time but as the story progresses we see how this was more of a front to cover a darkness in him. Through a number of interviews with those who knew him professionally and personally, including those who claim to have been abused by him we are taken into true extent of his depravity.

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  1. Why is this giving me an ad for The Bold and the Beautiful, rather than what I clicked on to watch?!

  2. Why is the movie image backwards? Do I need a mirror to watch it? Weird

  3. I now know all I need to know about Bill Cosby. Being a sex addict and having consensual sex with others is not a crime, but having sex with someone without their consent is a crime and comes with consequences.

    This documentary was really good except for the 20 or more times it was interrupted by the same annoying ad. I could have dealt with the same number of ads if there was a variety, but the same one over and over made me vow to not watch the show it was promoting.

    • consensual? these women don’t sound like they agreed with what was going on. yeah its shocking Cosby was a father figure to a lot of people in the 70s-90s but he abused that power so he should be punished accordingly for justice to the victims.

      • So sorry if I didn’t choose my words well. I didn’t mean to say that these women were having consensual sex. What I meant to say was, if a person is a sex addict and is having sex with other people consensually, that isn’t a crime. But Cosby was having sex with women without their consent and thereby committed crimes and needs to pay the consequences.

        • yeah i guess consensual sex is consensual weather your an addict or not but when it starts to interrupt your life it’s time to seek help