Bill Gates Talks at TED and Unleashes Mosquitoes

On this year’s TED Talks 2009 in California Bill Gates shocked his audience of rich people with the unleashing of a swarm of mosquitoes, so that not only poor people can experience them. Further more he talks about the American school system and the quality of teachers.

Bill Gates hopes to solve some of the world’s biggest problems using a new kind of philanthropy. He is a passionate techie and a shrewd businessman, Bill Gates changed the world once, while leading Microsoft to enormous success. He plans to do it again now with his very own style of philanthropy.

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  1. This man is a soul less monster, killing people by the millions, and supporting death panels to decide if my elderly mom and dad should get put to “”sleep”” like a dog, so they dont waste resources on those dying anyway. I cant stand the Gates family, they are sick people who dont have a soul so stay as far away from them as you can

  2. Masters degree does not make you a better teacher but the test of a better teacher is students going on to 4 years of university where you get a Masters degree. That is a real Agnes Moorhead

  3. a good guy this bill.
    bill president !! instead of all these moron

  4. His father was the founder a eugenics organization and Bill is only carrying over the torch,. His vaccination program is all about sterilization in the 3rd world countries. He invests several millions in GMO foods with Monsantos yet he stockpiles in an underground structure organic seeds! He is a eugenicist. Plain and simple and before someone comments about my facts go check them out for yourself and tell me hes not trying to play God.

  5. blablabla… “windows better than mac” just choose a system you’re happy with personally and get over debating which is better,

  6. Don’t waste your time watching this puppet. Every human has the right to equal education opportunity. Education is not a profit issue. Here is the solution. Close all of the private education and start equal education opportunity system. No commercial school. Schools should be operated by local government. You can go any school without paying any money depending on your test score.

  7. Why does everyone still think Bill Gates has a role in the production of Windows?

  8. Dude, are you kidding? The day Microsoft makes something that doesn’t suck, is the day they introduce their new OS, Microsoft Vacuum

  9. Video is broken. I can’t pause or rewind.

  10. People are forgetting that Gates was a fairly brilliant Harvard science student. Also, at the time Windows was a pretty stable OS that was the first to appeal to the general public, which Linux still really doesn’t do. He hasn’t been CEO for a long time, and is not responsible for whatever lack of progress it has experienced since. His collaboration with Buffet is on a scale charity has never seen before. There is this assumption he is corrupt, as if making this type of a difference wasn’t his vision from the very beginning. An ounce of charity? He gives 99% of his entire fortune, not just his income. On that note, he has had nothing to do with Windows 7 and it is certainly not more stable than Mac OSX. Mac uses a Linux-based kernel, which is open source and will always be more stable than any other OS around. Steve Jobs was a piece of shit, but he made some really good decisions in how his products were made. Everyone here should read a fucking wikipedia article before speaking though.

  11. For those you of you ripping on Bill Gates for doing something good in this world; to date he’s given away 26 Billion dollars to charities and non-profit organizations. Whether or not you like his operating system is completely irrelevant stop acting like children and acknowledge the man for his true accomplishments. It isn’t his Company, MS that we need to be talking about here, it’s the fact that he’s a rich person who actually gives a shit about people’s suffering, something that most people in the United States lack, rich or not! quit being a bunch of rabid, loser fanboys.

    • follow the money all the way, he gives this money to what you see as a charity but it ends up being an investment or a kinda bribe for favor, so if he is donating money to have his agenda pushed. It isnt out of kindness and compassion, its for selfish reasons always, he is disgusting evil and enemy to all of us.

  12. Shell answer man can’t build a correct sentence, let alone an OS. With a guy like this around the world will be forever safe.

  13. You can’t eradicate a disease without compensating with family planning. Less human deaths means more overpopulation.

  14. never mind that Bill gates talked about having mosquitos deliver vaccines to the 3rd world i his last speech…. Cancer anyone?

  15. Wish more rich people were like Gates. Wish he could lobby with governments and get 900 billion dollar grants for looking at the biggest issues plaguing the globe.

  16. It is fascinating to me how fluid Bill Gates speaks. There are almost no pauses, no gaps or stumbles. Is there another TED where the speaker correlates speech impediments to IQ? Food for thought.

  17. Ah, people are so incredibly misinformed. After the death of Steve Jobs, everyone believed he was a Saint. This is the same guy that patented existing tech just to have a tighter grip on the industry – Jobs was a hustler through and through.

  18. Why all the Bill Gates hate here? He has done more more humanity and saved more lives that any other human in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD. Also I will say that Microsoft has made some less than perfect software in the past but Windows 7 is actually a very stable OS.

  19. Where are the mosquitoes?

  20. Not very eloquent, or even clear what the point of his talk is, but at least he’s decided to make himself and his money useful. I’d rather see him doing this than creating more *really* crappy software. That being said, is it me, or does he still sound about 14 years old?

  21.  You know what they say… an ounce of charity hides a pound of corruption.

  22.  You know what they say… an ounce of charity hides a pound of corruption.

  23. You have got to be kidding me,this clown can’t build an os that’s stable,but thinks he can fix the world?stick to what you suck at Bill,the world will always be ill with peoplelike you meddling.Truly ludacris

  24. You have got to be kidding me,this clown can’t build an os that’s stable,but thinks he can fix the world?stick to what you suck at Bill,the world will always be ill with peoplelike you meddling.Truly ludacris

    • did he do something to you? why you dissin?

    • Windows 7 – more stable than Mac OSux… – work with both everyday.

      Bill Gates – More legendary than Steve O’Jobs ever was… and still alive.

      You are a fail boat.

    • Maybe you should read something about him on Wikipedia and compare his Philanthropy section with Steve Jobs. After that, maybe, but just maybe, you won’t look at him as the “clown who can’t build an os that’s stable”. This guy has donated hundreds of millions to charitable organizations and Steve Jobs is making “cheap Mac for schoolchildren for affordable price of 500$”. Personally, I use Linux since 2001 besides Windows, I don’t have anything against Bill Gates, the only guy who pisses me off is Steve Jobs, he’s pure evil.