Bill Hicks: Archived Scraps From Beyond

Back in January of 2009, I was busy digging up some old, *old* bits & pieces of material from the internet and stitching them together. Here is a bit of an eulogy for Bill, the mood suddenly struck me to make it.

In it you’ll prominently see Bill Hicks as well as his friend Kevin Booth who’s now a film producer. It also features a few of Bill’s friends, like Joe Rogan, in one particular eulogizing radio segment.

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  1. 11 years ago I bought Tool’s album Aenema. Loved the art and conecept etc.. I didnt know who bill hicks was, and looked into him. 12 years later, I can comfortably say, without a shadow of a doubt,  this man changed my life for the better like no other person has. He made me feel more comfortable with myself. I have become a much more humble and honest person. I’ve let go of most of my anger and found ways to fuel that energy creatively. A hateful act is just as contagious as a friendly courageous act. And Bill had the balls and the heart to do it for us.  I cant thank him enough for being that person to lean back to me and say “dont worry… its just a ride”.
    Thank you Bill.
    When you take the time to quit rocking out surfing the lake of fire in peaceful content, would you kindly respond? K thanks

    Cheers everybody. This was really great to watch..

  2. I try to avoid having heros in life as it has a tendency to negate objectivity. No matter how hard I try, Bill Hicks is my hero!