Billionaire’s Paradise: Inside Necker Island

People have long dreamt of living in paradise, but for most it’s somewhere just out of reach. Billionaire Sir. Richard Branson has tried to do the impossible and create Utopia on his 74 acre private island called Necker, which is located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Enjoying this garden of Eden comes at a price, one weeks stay costs over £280,000. This is the story of the guests who come to stay on the island and those that serve them, working tirelessly to sell the Caribbean dream. They have to battle to keep nature at bay and attend to the guests every whim.

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  1. what a sad day when people think this is the best there is. they have yet to see good muchless great. they have settled so short and believed this was as good as it gets. these poor folks have traded their souls for such a place so shallow and empty as a cool breeze gone in a moment.
    yet we wait for paradise where we never grow old and our bodies never know what sickness is. old age is something out of some horror movie long ago. love is raised up and known by all and is the law of the land. money has flew into ruin and swept away with the trash.
    poor richard and his dieing friends. the great and awful day next stop, are you ready?

    • Hey Chip, don’t be an old fart now… you have so many words to explain about how people should be… and yet i’m quite certain you yourself are not so happy…yeah?

      Part of happiness perhaps, is being able to feel happy for people and the way they choose to live their lives and spend their money without judging them, try not comparing your life to others it will always make you miserable.

      I will be as presumptuous you were and say this, that if a starving family in Africa watched a documentary on your life..or what you enjoyed doing for a holiday that they would say quite the same things about.. your rented house, your food, your security and your very nice cloths… and oooh look how he throws away food when he is full.,.. i feel so sorry for him he does not know what it is to be happy…. see what i mean.

      It’s all relative mate… so disconnect yourself from the negative long enough that you may just enjoy the beach and sun one day on a well earned get away, for happiness is the first ingredient in becoming wealthy. tum tum ti tum Don´t worry be Happy ching ching….

      • brother my job is a hard one for sure, i have to shock people enough to get them to consider things they have never looked at. i feel the weight of this world many days and i worry able the people and how they will fair. our world is fixing to change on levels no one is able to understand, the job is to find those few willing to look and hope they will follow the path. the path is straight but has many obstacles in the path so i feel my way through most times. i care, man, i deeply care even if my words so seem to say so. if not for you then who?
        one of two…