Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It

What do we all have in common? no matter what corner of the world you live in you need several necessities, food, water, shelter and money. Half of all transactions involve money in exchange for goods or services, stocks, bonds, a loaf of bread or even illicit drugs. It doesn’t matter what the commodity, you’ve got to pay for it or at least someone does.

We spend much of our lives chasing money in order to make a living and accomplish our dreams but it’s also an instrument of destruction, some might say evil, driving criminals to lie, steal and even murder. Money is a catalyst for the worse and the greatest of human endeavours.

Before we created civilisation, we created currency, it was the fuel for our wars, the path to our power, champion and enemy to our innovation. This is the story of money and perhaps the end of money as we know it, the birth of digital currency.

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  1. What big money doesn’t want you to see.

  2. Nice.. Pls suggest your views about plastic money too.