The Bitcoin Gospel

In this film VPRO Backlight take us into a world where we can become our own bank. We tend to take it for granted that money creation is controlled by government and banks but there is a community of people who don’t see this as a given, this community is switching to what they believe is a far superior monetary system, a system where banks are no longer needed or in control because with this new system payments can now easily be made from one person to another without any charge or trace from where it came from.

We are of course talking about Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that was mostly known as a convenient tool for criminals, it has suddenly become a hot topic at conferences on financial innovation all over the world. Proponents speak passionately of a digital miracle that can save the world from financial ruin. This is the tale of how Bitcoin came to be and a glimpse at where it is going.

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  1. These are boring times and im glad to be living in them #since

  2. That man was a very dirty old man the most hang that old bastard

  3. Good job Alberto

  4. Is there a Bitcoin training program