Black Taxis

This film follows Brendan, Gerald and Tom all of whom are former volunteers of the Irish Republican Army or IRA. For these men and all Irish Republicans alike the period of armed struggle is now over, but for those who were directly involved in the 30 years of war how difficult is it now to find peace?

Today all these men are now Black Taxi drivers and operate within the Republican areas of Belfast. However these are not your regular taxis, they are a strong symbol of resistance. The ‘Black Taxis’ were created at the beginning of the war, when the British government went ahead and suspended all bus services which served these very neighbourhoods.

These taxis have stood the test of time and are still in operation 24/7, being a driver of one is one of the few possible jobs a former prisoner of war can get as the government simply considers them criminals. Throughout the film we learn of the loneliness faced by a generation of men who spent the the first half of their lives in war.

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