Blackadder Rides Again

A 60 minute documentary produced by Tiger Aspect for the BBC and
broadcast on 25 December 2008, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of
the show. It featured interviews with all of the major cast members
and other contributors, including Rowan Atkinson, Stephen Fry, Hugh
Laurie, Richard Curtis, Ben Elton, Miranda Richardson, Tim McInnerny
and Tony Robinson. Rather than relying on ‘talking head’ interviews
and clips from the show, the documentary included several pieces of
rare, and even unseen material (behind the scenes clips, cut scenes
from Series 1 etc.). It also reunited certain cast and crew members
with their costumes, visited cast members on their current ventures,
or took them to the original filming locations.

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  1. A new family line, with a female central charchter, with Rowans talents, hard act to follow, no doubt. who enables the same historical sequence. It would require the same comic genius of the cast and the same luck.But doing it well would engender the same satisfaction, and the interest would be very widespread and intense.

  2. Rowan Atkinson’s subtle humor is pure genius! There really should be a “knighthood” bestowed upon him sometime in the near future, I would think, because he’s truly one of that country’s most genuine treasures.

    Best wishes, Mr. Atkinson!

    D.P. Folsom

  3. I bet George Washington would have really enjoyed the the 3rd season.

  4. Great stuff, this video was very entertaining, Rowan Atkinson is hillarious.