A documentary focusing on the morale of Irish Republican prisoners during the tumultuous period of the 1976-81 H-Block prison protest which culminated in the deaths of 10 men on hunger strike.

In hardship they found humour; in silence they found song; in isolation they found each other; and together they fought and they won. Body Rubs: massage dating – Erotic Massage.

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  1. wow pretty sad 🙁 corruption is everywhere unfortunatelly….

  2. ten brave men died for the rights of others to wear their own clothes instead of jail issue clothes, not to do prison work plus three other demands that were denied to them by that evil bastard thatcher

  3. The English Empire have raped and pillaged lands since the first crown..That is why common-wealth countries have the Union Jack on their flags..The Americans had to revolt and rebel against the “Red Coats” for Independence…Scotland had to fight for Independence…Africa had to fight for Independence..(Gandhi)….Ireland has the respect from all Republic countries, revolutionary countries and revolutionaries in general….England has not only its own country but a piece of nearly a 1/3rd of the world…Men like Bobby Sands gave their lives for a place to call our own….Men like Padraig Pearse signed the “Blood Sacrifice” to put up a futile fight in the knowledge of certain death to help ignite a revolution in 1916…We got 26 counties to finally call home….All Ireland has ever wanted to be is a full country…

    “The defenders of this realm have worked well in secret and in the open. They think that they have purchased half of us and intimidated the other half. They think that they have foreseen everything, think that thay have provided against everything; but the fools, the fools, the fools! – they have left us our Fenian dead, and while ireland holds these graves, Ireland unfree shall never be at peace”…….P.P….

  4. Dirty whore bitch!!!…..Thatcher you fucking lesbian…..

  5. Germany are NOT “bailing Ireland out”. They are loaning Ireland money to pay back bad debts to German banks!

    The current government’s advisors (which were paid money to for this advice) have a vested interest in banks to which they advised the Irish government to repay the debt. Even un-guarantee’d bondholders!

    If Ireland defaults, Germany takes the hit on their bad loans, so do some French banks and a few others.

    German banks loaned money too cheap, without proper examination of how it will be repaid. They lost the war, but they are winning the battle.

    Weren’t they found to be paying high pensions to convicted war criminals recently?

  6. FUCK YOU MAG THATCHER you absolute spastic-bag….Whore bitch!!!!!

  7. To Dan,

    Don’t be stupid, the Irish Republican Army were fighting the English, who made up the “british” army is irrelevant. that’s why there were no bombs in Scotland or Wales. Call the army whatever you want, the IRA were fighting the forces loyal to the English crown. What is meant by ‘England gave them the worst land’ is that England took the best land and planted people loyal to the crown on it, leaving the Irish with the worst land. Maybe your familiar with the term “to hell or to connaught”? it is what Cromwell said about the Irish. Either they went west to connaught with its terrible land or they would be killed. The IRA didn’t want to be part of the UK because we are a sovereign country with the right to govern ourselves, a basic human right. Your ETA point makes no sense and your point that northern ireland isn’t doing that badly literally beggars belief. Have you seen the unemployment rates in northern ireland? Get a clue before you spout your opinions as facts. And don’t tell people what type of people they are either, what gives you that right? Your whole point is a waste of space and you really need to look at the facts before spouting such nonsense.

  8. Quick rundown:

    1600’s (sixteen hundreds..yes sixteen hundreds) the English and Scottish (yes in Scotland) protestants went to Ireland.

    1800’s (200 years later..yes that’s 200 years later) the Anglican protestants and Catholics grew apart. Catholics low living conditions.

    1900’s, Protestants and Catholics divide. Catholics want independence.

    1920, Britain separate Ireland. Catholics wanted all ireland separate, troubles start.

    So those ‘facts’ should stop all this, ‘England did it talk’

    (interesting for me to read actually)

  9. Ok canadian, geography lesson:

    England is a country. Great Britain consists of England, Wales, Scotland.

    The IRA were fighting with the British Army. The British government is located in London.

    What’s with all the ‘England did this’

    England gave them ‘the worst land’?, what’s that even mean?, Ireland’s a beautiful place.

    The IRA did not want to be part of the UK, mainly for nationalistic reasons. I’m guessing lots of money didn’t go there at the time for rebuilding as it was like a war zone in places.

    Imagine if Quebec wanted to break away from Canada..oh wait, they do, but anyway, I’m not a fan of blowing legs off women and kids if that’s what they wanted to do. You agree with all this terrorist movements?, what about ETA?, Spain went around destroying most of south America, but don’t think it’s fair to use that as an excuse for blowing people up today.

    So present day N.Ireland, still a part of the UK, and I don’t see the country doing that badly. The republic of Ireland just went bankrupt and got bailed out by Germany…and N.Ireland didn’t.

    So what’s the canadain’s views on N.Ireland today?, the ‘English treating them like men used to treat women’?

    Don’t remember any UK countries going Bankrupt, standard of living pretty good, uses the pound which is always strong.

    Your the type of person who thinks Brave heart is fact based. The English were terrible in 1634 when they sailed around in wooden boats..terrible people.

    (sorry to confuse you with all the talk of Britain, UK, republic, you can look it up on the internet)

  10. “so if the Scots decided next week to blow up England, Wales and N.Ireland to become independent, that would be perfectly fine then…you would agree with ‘the cause’ and wouldn’t lock them up, unless you got your legs blown off I’m guessing” … well from a canadian point of view (being me), it would not be the same. the english gave the irish the worst land, they were the most poverty stricken, and treated them like garbage. so if that was the case. I WOULD AGREE WITH THE CAUSE. just like how americans treated the africans, egyptians treated the jews (and even moses agreed with “the cause”), and even how men treated women in the past..
    so from my perspective..
    england started it

  11. ‘Isn’t it disgusting what the English did’, I guess you mean, ‘the British’, actually watch the show and you will hear that.

    Disgusting?, so if the Scots decided next week to blow up England, Wales and N.Ireland to become independent, that would be perfectly fine then…you would agree with ‘the cause’ and wouldn’t lock them up, unless you got your legs blown off I’m guessing.

  12. Isn’t it disgusting what the English did,
    not just in Ireland but all over the world.There paying the price now for their greed with a country being eaten away from the inside out by the hatred of their “own people”.
    Thank god the Irish were able to hit them when it hurt and regain control of their country.
    Another 100 years and there wont be a true English man left,
    If you ask me that might be a good thing.

  13. Her tears fall in the darkness as the rain falls in the night,
    Silvery tears like silvery rain, hidden out of sight,
    The stars fall from her eyes like floating petals from the sky,
    Is there no one in all this world who hears this woman cry?
    A simple little floating dreamy thought has stired this womans heart,
    The golden sleepy dream of yesterdays before they were apart,
    What comfort can there be found for a petal so fair and slim
    Alone in a forest dark of sorrow she weeps again for him?
    Warm silver rolling tears blemish a once complexion fair,
    That once shown in the fairest radiance midst a cloak of golden hair.
    And the children whimper and cry for a father’s care
    and love they’ve never known,
    Who sees their little tears of innocent years
    as the winds of time are blown?
    What sorrow will you know tonight
    when all the worlds asleep,
    When through the darkness comes the wind
    that cuts the heart so deep,
    For there is no one there to dry your tears
    or your childrens tears who cling around your frock,
    When there has been another bloody slaughter
    in the dungeons of H Block.

  14. they won human rights. please dont comment unless u have an iq higher than a plate.

  15. Loada shit, bunch of criminals.

  16. In hardship they found humour; in silence they found song; in isolation they found each other; and together they fought and they won

    Won what exactly??