Blockadia Rising: Voices of the Tar Sands Blockade

This hour long documentary film which was written and directed by Garrett Graham in collaboration with the Tar Sands Blockade demonstrates how in 2012, landowners and environmental activists from all over Texas came together in a bid to prevent a proposed oil pipeline from being built, it features exclusive footage that was filmed by the protestors themselves and demonstrates the true hazards and damage being done due to the construction of such a pipeline.

The pipeline itself is being built in order to transport tar sands oil from Alberta Canada to the existing refineries located near the Gulf of Mexico. We also discover the wide range of risks and hazards involved in completing a project as large as this one.

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  1. Human energy consumer! u are totally correct. The only way to fix this mess is to stop our obsessive compulsive consumption.

  2. How did all those people get to the protest? How are they running their power tools? How did the PVC pipe get delivered to the hardware store? How was that pipe made? How did all the clothes the protesters are wearing get made and transported to the shop and how did the protesters get to the store to buy those clothes? How did the paints and tarps get made and transported to the retail location where they were purchase (and driven home)? Where did the tarps that provide the shade come from? All these people consumed ENERGY (most likely from fossil fuels) just to stage this protest. I love the hypocrisy hyperbole in this film, it is pretty astounding! You can “stop industry” by using none of the benefits it provides.

    • everything can and should be made from plants, just because people didn’t realize the importance before us – is not the point. the change needs to happen. heros