The Blog Is Finally Here!

Well as promised, DocumentaryHeaven has finally launched its blog. I know it took a lot longer than expected and for that I apologise. The problem mainly lay in finding the time but now that it’s here I expect the site to take on more of an interactive role compared to its history of simple aggregation. I know this may not concern a lot of the sites users, but for those of you who like to delve a little deeper I imagine DocumentaryHeaven could very well become a place of greater inspiration. The goal really, is to harness the sites true potential and turn it into a place of ideas, ripe with discussion.

The Articles Themselves

To keep things fresh I will be looking for many different types of writers and individuals who wish to express a point of view, tell a tale or perhaps indulge us in their outlook on life. I intend to allow for quite a broad spectrum of topics so if you think you have something worth sharing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the sites contact page. I might also try hunt down some guest writers, perhaps people who have produced documentaries themselves and try get an inside view into the world of film making and try reveal some of the adventures / curious characters the world of documentary film making immerses┬ápeople into.

Anyway, hopefully you all enjoy this new endeavor.



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