Bloomberg Game Changers: Jay-Z

His rise to global fame and fortune is even more inspiring when one takes into account the awesome obstacles he has had to overcome. Through interviews with friends, former colleagues and business associates, BLOOMBERG GAME CHANGERS follows his meteoric rise from the projects to business success, highlighting the unorthodox business style and entrepreneurial instincts that contribute to his creative genius. This 30 minute profile reveals the many layers and complexities that go to make Jay-Z – the Hip Hop cash king.

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  1. Jay-z is the kurt thomas of hip-hop, a real genius behind the mic. may jesus have mercy on marcy

  2. Jay-z is a phenomenal human being and an example for young people who live in poor neighbourhoods. The Lord has had mercy on him..

  3. Jay-z is horrible. He’s leading so many young souls away from God. I really hate what he represents, what he lives for. It’s sad and disgusting. May The Lord have mercy on him.