Blurred Lines: The New Battle of the Sexes

From campaigners looking to have more female hero’s on bank notes to the sexually explicit portrayal of women in music videos and to rape jokes. Is there a new culture abroad evolving in which men see it acceptable to portray women in a derogatory and abusive way and is this culture now infecting and polluting the lives of school girls? Kirsty Wark sets about exploring this questions in hopes to find an answer.

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  1. I am from india….and i liked your documentary…its truely amazing…

  2. To joke about abuse ( sexual or other) laugh at abuse is one step from committing the abuse oneself. Personally that kind of jokes doesn’t amuse me and never has

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  4. Female supremacy propaganda warning!

  5. I first heard of Germain Greer around 2003 when I joined a group of feminist in New York. She is one of my Sheros. I like her what she said in this her book and this documentary about how women have no idea how much men hate them and that this lack of knowledge is to women’s peril. That is an eye opener!!!!!!!!