Boarding Schools: The Secret Shame

Boarding schools are amongst the most influential institutions in Britain, responsible for education many of our politicians, judges and business leaders, even three quarters of England’s Prime Ministers. An estimated million people in the country boarded as children but it is only now, decades on that the true extent of sexual abuse in these schools is coming to light.

In this film we see ITV’s Exposure investigate these private boarding schools, shining a light on the complete disregard they had towards children’s safety when it came to paedophiles, who would groomed and assaulted many of the young boarders time and time again. Many of these predators managed to get away with their crimes for decades.

We follow journalist Alex Renton, who himself was sexually abused when he was only 8 years old by his teacher one of the country’s top boarding schools as he investigates the true extent of this issue.
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  1. Common knowledge for half a century.