The Bomb

Over 70 years ago the nuclear bomb altered our reality forever and in this film The Bomb we see it’s transformation from the theoretical, to the physical when it was first used August 6, 1945, it was on this day the public learned of a new type of weapon, a destroyer of worlds.

We witness the nuclear bomb’s humble beginnings from when in 1938 two German chemists accidentally discovered how to split the nucleus of a uranium atom. It was Einstein and his E=mc2 equation that predicted the amount of energy released from such an atom would be enormous.

Soon after physicists from all around the globe realised that this type of fission might allow for the creation of a bomb which would possess extraordinary power and that Nazi Germany might be on the verge of being able to create one. This fear that Hitler might get his hands on the ultimate weapon led the Americans into a race to create the bomb first.

In turn we saw the destruction of Hiroshima, the nuclear arms race, the hydrogen bomb, the Cuban Missile Crisis and some of the greatest fear and tension ever witnessed in world history.

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