Bompton with Kendrick Lamar

On August 9, 1988 the hardcore rap group known as N.W.A. released their debut album entitled Straight Outta Compton, this release saw the birth of gangsta rap as a music genre and definitively put the city of Compton on the map with regards to hip-hop culture.

Fast forward to 2016 and Compton is still well and truly in the spotlight thanks to acts such as Kendrick Lamar, whose music takes on many of the same issues that resonated with the community 20 years ago. Issues such as gangs, violence, drug use, poverty, etc.

In this VICE film, NOISEY correspondent Zach Goldbaum managed to arrange a sit down with Kendrick himself to discuss many of the issues mentioned and meet some of his friends who happen to be Piru gang members he grew up with.

Many of these very same people appeared on the cover of Kendrick Lamar’s critically acclaimed album, To Pimp a Butterfly. Through them we are taken to the darker side of Compton which is overlooked by mainstream America.

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