Born to Kill: Charles Albright

Charles Albright is a convicted American serial killer, he is a diagnosed psychopath who was found guilty of killing a woman in 1991 by means of shooting her in the head and removing her eyeballs. There was only enough evidence to convict Albright of this one particular crime but it is suspected that he is responsible for having killed a total of three women in the 1990’s due to his signature mutilation, which earned him the nickname “Texas Eyeball Killer”.

Albright was adopted from an orphanage as a child and was brought up in a very strict environment by his stepmother Delle, who also happened to be a teacher. As Albright got older he managed to hold down a prosperous job as a biology teacher, married and fathered children. For many years he successfully concealed his criminal record which dated back to his teenage years.

He made himself out to be a faithful family man but unbeknownst to those close to him he had a much darker side lurking underneath. Albright would frequently visit prostitutes and quickly developed masochistic behaviours, as well as a growing an unusual fetish for human eyes.

Charles Albright is now incarcerated in the John Montford Psychiatric Unit in Lubbock, Texas.

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