Boy Interrupted

Boy Interrupted is a HBO film that examines the life of Evan Perry a 15 year old boy from New York who took his own life in 2005. This film which was made by his parents Dana and Hart looks at how Evan’s bipolar disorder and depression consumed him and affected his family.

Mental illness was something that ran in Evan’s family; his uncle had also committed suicide at a young age, just 21. Evan was diagnosed with depression early in his life and prescribed Prozac, this diagnoses was then changed to bipolar depression and he was given mood stabilizers, he also received milieu therapy, which for a time gave Evan some relief. However at the age of 15 his mental illness had become so hard to deal with he jumped to his death from his family’s apartment window. This is his story, told by his parents.


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  1. Just watched this devastating documentary. I wonder when he was taken off the lithium, by his own accord, if he should have been followed more closely by his Dr? or put on another med?That appears to be a root cause in his decision to end his life and so unnessecary! If only he had stayed on it!

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  3. THE THINGS THEY WILL NEVER TELL YOU IS, WE ALL MUST FIGHT THE UNSEEN DEMONS THAT SPEAK INSIDE OUR HEADS, telling us it is not worth it, die, or harm someone. we must fight back, we do this by telling others i am in the same fight as you. drugs will not fix this struggle it is there by design. fight the good fight, tell the demons no, i will not cause others pain. i fight to make those voices silents again day after day, this is our cross we all must carry. talk about it we are not alone…

    • Demons are not all bad. They just want you to play their games. Everything is thinking. Everything is a way of thinking. Know when you’re mind is being controlled so you don’t make foolish decisions.

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